Invited Speakers
  • Dr Curry Chen, ASE Global, Title: "Development of multi-chip integration non-molded 2.5D IC Packaging Technology"
  • Prof Jeffrey C. , Auburn University
  • Mr. Kikuchi, Fujitsu
  • Dr Gokul Kumar, Western Digital
  • Mr. C.S Premachandran, Global Foundries
  • Prof Yogendra Joshi, Georgia Institute of Technology, Title:"Cooling of high power microelectronic components using flow boiling"
  • Mr. Murayama, Shinko Electric Industries, Title: "Effects of trace element on electro-migration of flip chip interconnect between Cu pillar and Sn-Bi alloy system"
  • Dr Szu Huat Goh, Global Foundries, Title:"Evolution of Fault Isolation Techniques for Product Failure Analysis"
  • Dr Sia Choon Beng, Formfactor,  Title:" Highly Accurate, Efficient and Reliable Silicon Photonics Wafer-Level Test and Characterization"
  • Dr Takenori Fujiwara, Toray Industries, Inc, Title: " Development of Novel Polymer Materials for Advance Packaging"
  • Dr Murali, Heraeus Singapore, Title: " Micro-Interconnects: Signal Integrity in 5G applications."