Invited Presentation

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1.    Memory Integration Solution in Advanced Package, Yu Po Wang, SPIL

2.    Hybrid Bonding Technology for high density 2.5D and 3D IC IntegrationMasaya Kawano, Institute of Microelectronics, ASTAR

3.   STT-MRAM Product Reliability and Magnetic Package Shielding Designs to Improve Immunity to External Magnetic Field and RF Sources, Vinayak Bharat Naik, Global Foundries

4.    Assessing the Impact of Novel Polymers and Thermal Management in a Power Electronics Module Using Machine Learning Approaches, Vaibhav Bahadur, The University of Texas, Austin

5.    The Evolution of High Temperature Pb-free Solder for Die-Attachment in Power Discrete Applications, Sze Pei Lim, Indium Corporation

6.    Challenges and requirements for Seed Layer Deposition on Organic Substrates, Suresh Kumar Singaram, Evatec SEA

7.    Technology and Market Briefing on Semiconductor Packaging, Favier Shoo, Yole Development

8.    Hybrid Two-Phase Cooling Technology for Next-Generation Datacenters, Raffaele Luca Amalfi, Nokia Bell Labs New Jersey

9.   Material development enabling High-Speed and High-Frequency in Advanced Packaging Applications, Michael Gallagher, DuPont Electronics and Industrial

10.  Fan Out Packaging and its Diversity, John Hunt, ASE

11.  Augmented Finite Element Method (AFEM) for the Linear Steady-state Thermal and Thermomechanical Analysis of Heterogeneous Integration Architectures, Venkatesh Avula, Georgia Institute of Technology

12.  Plasma Dicing - a Key Enabler for Heterogeneous Integration and Hybrid Bonding, Richard Barnett, SPTS

13.  Addressing the Large Field Size Challenges for Small Liner/Space RDL Interposers, Jinho An, Applied Material


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