Program Overview

Keynote Talks

Title : Advanced Package FAB solutions for Next Generation Devices

Speaker: Seung Wook Yoon, Corporate VP/Head of Team of Package Technology Strategy and Planning, – Samsung Electronics


Title : Future directions for 3D Integration technologies, enabling further electronic system-level scaling benefits

Speaker: Eric Beyne, Senior Fellow, VP R&D, Director 3D System Integration


Technology Talks

1. Roadmap based on holistic understanding of thermo-mechanical challenges from package to system to maximize silicon performance

Speaker: Gamal Refai-Ahmed, LFASME, FIEEE, FCAE, FEIC, Xilinx Fellow

2.Packaging materials as a key enabler for future megatrends

Speaker: Klemens Brunner, President, Heraeus Electronics


3.Innovative Copper Electrodeposition Solutions for High Density Fanout (HDFO) Package Technology

Speaker: Bryan Buckalew, Technical Director, Lam Research Corporation, USA

4.Hybrid Bonding - State of the art  and upcoming requirements 

Speaker: Paul Lindner, Executive Director, EV Group

5. To be announced 

Speaker: Jinho An, Technology Director, Applied Materials

Panel Discussion

Panel topic: Supply Chain Ecosystem Challenges Impacting Global Electronic Packaging

Chair: Kitty Pearsall, IEEE-EPS, President Elect

Panel Speakers: C. P. Hung (ASE), Chun Ho (Nelson) Fan (ASM PT), Jan Vardenman (TechSearch International) and TBD (Global Foundries)

This Panel will cover supply chain trends (e.g. convergence, mergers, and acquisitions), material shortages, equipment limitations, manufacturing capacity, and disruptions (e.g., geopolitical, natural & human resources, regulatory & Environmental Health and Safety).  Each of these factors must be taken into consideration when making technical and business decisions. Exacerbating these challenges is the COVID pandemic


Heterogeneous Integration Roadmap (HIR)

The Heterogeneous Integration Roadmap (HIR), released in October 2019, is a roadmap to the future of electronics packaging, identifying technology requirements and potential solutions. The primary objective is to stimulate pre-competitive collaboration between industry, academia, and government to accelerate progress. The roadmap offers professionals, industry, academia, and research institutes a comprehensive, strategic technology forecast over the next 15 years. The HIR also delivers a 25-year projection for heterogeneous integration of Emerging Research Devices and Emerging Research Materials with more comprehensive research and development timelines.  Details of the HIR Workshop at EPTC 2021 will be finalized soon

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Keynote Speakers

Seung Wook Yoon 

Eric Beyne