Program Overview




Dec 2, 2020 (Wed)

9:00 – 10:00 (live*)

Keynote I

LAM – Pending  


Keynote II

Heterogeneous Integration for HPC Applications Driven by 5G and AI


Dr. John H Lau

Unimicron Technology Corporation, Taiwan

10:00 – 12:00 (live*)


Panel Level Packaging


Moderated by:

Mr.Sam Karikalan





Dr. Tanja Braun

Fraunhofer IZM


Dr. CP Hung

ASE Holdings Inc


Mr. Tim Olson

Deca Technologies


1:30-2:30 (live*)

Technology Talk I

AMAT - pending


Technology Talk II

Heterogeneous wafer level 2.5D and 3D integration


Dr. Seung Wook YOON

Samsung Electronics Corporation

* Live events will be recorded and made on-demand for 4 weeks


Dec 2-29, 2020


10 Invited Talks


60 Technical Talks


The program details  will be announced soon; the program covers the following topics.

Advanced Packaging: Advanced Flip-chip, 2.5D & 3D, embedded passives & actives on substrates, System in Packaging, Embedded chip packaging technologies, Panel level packaging, RF, Microwave & Millimeter-wave, Power and Rugged Electronics Packaging, etc.

TSV/Wafer Level Packaging: Wafer level packaging (Fan in/Fan out), Embedded chip packaging, 2.5D/3D integration, TSV, Silicon & Glass interposer, CoWoS, FoCoS, InFo, eWLB, Bumping technologies, etc.

Interconnection Technologies: Au/Ag/Cu/Al Wire-bond / Wedge bond technology, Flip-chip & Cu pillar, Solder alternatives, Cu to Cu, Wafer level bonding & die attachment (Pb-free), etc.

Emerging Technologies: Packaging technologies for MEMS, biomedical, Optoelectronics, Internet of things, Photovoltaic, Printed electronics, Wearable electronics, Photonics, LED, etc.

Materials and Processing: Advanced materials (such photoresist, polymer dielectrics, solder, die attach, underfill), Substrates, Lead-frames, PCB for advanced packaging, Assembly processes using advanced materials, etc.

Assembly and Manufacturing Technology: Assembly equipment automation and improvements. Embedded/Hybrid Package Manufacturing Processes. Warpage Control and Management in Board Level Assembly, Thin Die/Package Handling and Assembly. Large/Ultra Large Package (SiP, SIM, MCP) Integration and Processing. Panel Level Manufacturing. Smart Manufacturing technology. Data analytics. Advanced metrology. Machine learning.

Advanced Materials and Process Manufacturing Technology: Processing characterization of advanced materials, Substrates, Lead-frames, etc. Advanced equipment for assembly process and handling. Large/Ultra Large Package (SiP, SIM, MCP) Integration and Processing. Panel Level Manufacturing.

Electrical Simulation & Characterization: Power plane modeling, Signal integrity analysis by simulations and characterization, 2D/2.5D/3D package level high-speed signal design, Characterization and test methodologies.  

Mechanical Simulation & Characterization: Thermal-mechanical interaction study, Moisture, Fracture, Fatigue, dynamic impact modeling and characterization. Process modeling, etc.

Thermal Characterization & Cooling Solutions: Thermal characterization and simulation, Component, system and product level thermal management and characterization

Quality, Reliability & Failure Analysis: Silicon, component, board and system level reliability assessment, Interfacial adhesion, Accelerated testing, Failure characterization, etc.

Special Sessions: Please submit your proposals to the General Chair and Technical Chair