HIR Workshop

Heterogeneous Integration Paving the Way for Global Electronics Resurgence

Abstract: Heterogeneous Integration through advanced packaging innovations is widely acknowledged as being increasingly important to drive performance, system availability, power efficiency, cost and time to market of microelectronics systems, from HPC & Data Centers, to 5G & beyond, mobile, autonomous automotive, IoT, medical and health markets. The Heterogeneous Integration Roadmap is a system and application driven roadmap inclusive of the full microelectronics technology ecosystem with the purpose to deliver the next extension of Moore’s law for decades to come. 

Date: December 9, 2022

14:35-14:45  Welcome & Introduction – Andrew Tay, NUS

14:45-15:05  HIR Overview – Ravi Mahajan, Intel 

15:05-15:25  Supply Chain - Kitty Pearsall, IEEE EPS President

15:05-15:25  Break

15:55-16:15  Thermal Management - Gamal Refai-Ahmed, AMD    

16:15-16:35   2D - 3D & Interconnect – Ravi Mahajan, Intel    

16:35-16:55   Photonics – Amr Helmy, U of Toronto    

16:55-17:05  Wrap-Up – Ravi Mahajan

Download HIR workshop brochure here

Dr.Ravi Mahajan

Dr. Kitty Pearsall